Eco Style Project

The Eco Style Project is the brainchild of the team from EverEscents Organic Hair Care, directed by Luke and Julia Charters who successfully established EverEscents as the leading Organic haircare brand that it is today.

After more than a decade in the hair care industry perfecting Organic products with EverEscents, demand has grown for a core group of products that would provide next-level performance yet be free of harmful and unnecessary ingredients. Hairdressers and consumers alike made it clear that they wanted to have their cake and eat it too. We’ve listened and we’ve heard; No harsh chemicals, No testing on animals, no carbon footprint…We can do that and while we’re at it we can be Vegan Friendly and Australian Made too!

We searched high and low all across Australia to find the best of the best when it comes to innovative manufacturing techniques and ingredients. Several years of research, testing and product development were undertaken in the quest to create something special.

It is from here that the creative team have merged the best ingredients with cutting edge technology and an exciting new brand was born.....introducing Eco Style Project!