Newcastle's ORGANIC Hairdressers


As Newcastle's leading organic hairdressers, the team at Nesbitt Hair & Body is committed to creating a safer and more organic, eco-friendly hair salon that reflects an awareness of our community’s need to act in congress with our environment. We believe in creating a chemical free environment for the benefit of our clients and team – in particular an ammonia free environment. We are committed to creativity and quality and believe that through consultative dialogue we can embody the desires of our clients and our creative spirit. Above all ,we are committed to maintaining a happy space to work and relax in, as customer satisfaction is our base goal.

Positives of Organic Ammonia Free Colours

  • Ammonia free colour has no chemical smell.
  • What does non-progressive colour mean? Extra processing time will not change the colour level or tone.
  • Once the peroxide has released the oxygen, it becomes water and chi or biosilk/bioGlitz colour becomes colour conditioner.
  • Conditioning
  • Natural silk amino acids
  • Olive oil
  • Botanicals and herb
  • Semi-permanent or permanent
  • 100% grey coverage guaranteed
  • Hi-lift colour 1-4 levels
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Consistent pH-gives total control
  • Non-progressive colour
  • Lifts Tint with Tint
  • Leaves the Hair in Optimum Condition

Negatives of Ammonia Hair Colour

  • Ammonia is carcenogenic
  • In conventional Ammonia colour, consistent pH is impossible to maintain due to the uncontrollable gas, created by Ammonia and Peroxide. This will keep oxidizing the dyes darker if left for extra time
  • It is extremely toxic when concentrated vapours are inhaled and may be irritating to the eyes, hands, and mucous membranes. It may also cause hair breakage. In a strong solution, it may cause skin to burn and blister
  • In contact with the skin, it can irritate and burn

Features and Benefits of Silk Products

  • Silk contains 17 out of 19 amino acids found in hair
  • Silk bonds to hair and repairs it from the inside out
  • Strongest natural fibre, equal to steel
  • Silk strengthens hair and provides more body and volume
  • Silk improves elasticity
  • Silk provides longevity and sustainability with styling and colour results
  • Silk is excellent for skin care
  • Silk provides unparalleled shine and reflection
  • Protection against heat and cold
  • Combats sun’s UV rays and humidity
  • Silk molecules anchor and lock in colour better than any other
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